5 Year School Visit Plan

In addition to the annual trips outlined in the College’s Key Dates for Parents 2017/2018, the following 4 year plan is designed to give parents an early view of the additional trips that are available to their children while they are at Penryn College.  Every parent has an opportunity to save towards a trip using the ParentPay system and can log in at any time and make a deposit to their Parent Account.  Obviously not all trips are open to all students as the trips in Years 10 and 11 are predominantly aimed at those students studying those specific subjects at GCSE level.  If in doubt about your child’s eligibility or the financing of school trips, please contact business@penryn-college.cornwall.sch.uk who will be pleased to help.   


There are some other trips which are designed to develop Leadership skills which will involve an element of parental contribution and/or fundraising.  Individual students will be informed of these once they apply to join the programmes.


The indicative costs below are based on the 2017/2018 costs plus 5% per annum.


The college reserves the right to change or amend visits and will refund parents if they have saved towards a particular trip which is no longer running.