Able Students – Creative Arts

Creative arts

Contacts: Steph Williams (Head of Drama/Dance) –
Sarah Childs (Head of Music) –
Debbie Orford (Head of Art) –

Year group 8
Event Fast Track
Description Higher ability students have the opportunity to complete courses quicker and cover more content and theories.
Contact Miss Nowell

Year group 10 & 11
Event Performing Arts GCSE
Description After school Club for those interested in a GCSE in Performing Arts, but otherwise have a full GCSE timetable.
Contact Miss Oliver

Year group 7-11
Event Grade 5 Music Theory
Description Able students learn to read music.
Contact Mrs G. Harries

Year group 7-11 E
Carrick Dance
Description Able students encouraged to plan their own routines and perform at events around the county.
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