Able Students – Science


Head of Department/Contact: Jenifer Cullen

Year group 9
Event Thermal Imaging Project
Description Scientists from The University of Exeter work with our students to complete a research project on the topic of Heat, using the schools Thermal Imaging Cameras.
Contact Mr. La Borde
Dates Summer Term.

Year group 8
Event Skulls at Tremough
Description A lesson in how different skulls and teeth are adapted to particular diet and lifestyle. An introduction to Evolution.
Contact The pupils science teacher
Dates Anytime during the year when it arises in the syllabus.

Year group 7-11
Event Science Leaders
Contact Mr. Stewart
Dates All Year, Tuesday lunchtimes

Year group 9
Event Trip to university of Plymouth.
Description Students go to the University of Plymouth for a lecture in a chosen area, followed by a Market place of employers, universities and other scientific organisations.
Contact Mr. La Borde During British Science Week.
Dates During British Science Week

Year group 10
Event Trip to ESI
Description A Joint Trip with for those students studying Triple Science, Higher tier Maths and Geography. A day spent exploring the links between these subjects.
Contacts Mr. La Borde, Miss Harries Ms Jackson.

Year group 11
Event Guest speakers from Tremough.
Description A lecture on a current area of scientific research link to the triple science curriculum. Last year the evolution of HIV.
Contact Miss Cullen