This GCSE option follows the AQA Computer Science Specification 4512. It is split into two components:

Component 1 – Practical programming (Python) and is examined by two controlled assessments worth 30% each of the total grade.

Component 2 – Computing fundamentals is an end of course final exam worth 40% of the grade and consists of knowledge on the binary numbering system, computer hardware and programming design techniques.

Year 10

Topic: Term 1: Basic Programming Techniques – Introduction to Python programming.
Assessment: Mini – programming assignment
Dates: December 2015

Topic: Term 2 – Advanced programming + Hardware fundamentals. Advance Python Programming, design processes.
Assessment: Mid Term Exam. Mini – programming assignment
Dates: February 2016 and April 2016

Topic: Term 3 – Controlled Assessment 1
Assessment: Formal AQA Controlled Assessment
Dates: July 2016

Year 11

Topic: Term 1 – Controlled Assessment 2 and Mock Exam.
Assessment: Mock Exam. Formal AQA Controlled Assessment.
Dates: November 2015 and December 2015

Topic: Term 2 – Computer Science Theory Review + Databases.
Assessment: Database project.
Dates: March 2016

Topic: Term 3 – Revision and final exam practise.
Assessment: Final GCSE Exam.
Dates: June 2016 to be confirmed