Drama and Dance

Please see below for detailed annual overviews.

DramaΒ – Year 10

In Year 10 you will

  • Work from a range of stimulus
  • Gain an understanding of theatre roles, terminology and professional performances
  • Create a working log book
  • Work as part of a group to create a variety of outcomes


Dance – Year 10

In Year 10 you will:

  • Look at how to successfully choreograph a dance and the requirements within the process
  • Use a range of stimulus to develop dance material from
  • Repeat, rehearse and refine a taught dance with all elements for a successful performance included
  • Study 3 professional works and implement these into your practical work

    Drama – Year 11

    In Year 11 you will:

    • Study the play Blood Brothers to support their final exam. They will explore this practically and understand the themes, setting, character, intentions and stating
    • Read, learn and perform 2 extracts from the Dennis Kelly play DNA. This is for a practical examination
    • Watch live theatre and study the show in order to successfully describe, analyse and evaluate the performance in their exam
    • Dance – Year 11

      In Year 11 you will:

      • Continue with their skill development
      • Learn a professional piece of choreography to perform and be marked on
      • Respond to a group choreography brief set by BTEC
      • Be talk to talk about the process and how they reached their final outcome