Please see below for a detailed Annual Overview.

Media students are taught how to ‘see through’ how the Media works, questioning ideas that we take for granted by analysing the different media platforms. Media offers students the opportunity to develop their independent skills and develop their use of Photoshop and iMovie.

Unit 1 – Investigating the Media – Written paper – 1hour 30mins – 60 marks – 40% of GCSE (exam topic changed annually)

Unit 2 – Understanding the Media – 3 Controlled Assessments – 90 marks – 60% of GCSE

Year 10

In Year 10 you will:

-Explore and understand different media platforms and their conventions

-Identify different target audiences and their needs

-Analyse the success of different media texts

-Create your own media products

-Evaluate the success of your product

-Use Photoshop