Religious, Moral & Social Education

Please see detailed Annual Overviews below.


Year 10 – RE Short Course

In year 10 students complete 4 units of work

Unit 1 Relationships

Unit 2 Christian Beliefs and Practices

By the end of Year 10 in RE we expect students to be able to;

Describe key facts about religious beliefs and practices

  • Describe similarities and differences between two religions
  • Explain different points of view on religious, philosophical and moral issues
  • Support different ideas with relevant evidence and information


Year 10 – RE GCSE Course

In year 10 students will be following the new AQA GCSE Religious Studies

They will also develop their skills in:

  • Recalling information
  • Describing different beliefs and practices in Hinduism and Christianity
  • Explaining links between different religions

Evaluating and analysing different religious beliefs