Choosing a new school is an important decision for your child’s future. Download our prospectus to get a flavour of how we care for young people at Penryn College.

Seeing the school on a normal school day is, by far, the best way to find out more. Please telephone us to make an appointment 01326 372379.

Our motto is “Achieving through Challenge” because we want our young people to develop their skills and talents and to discover new interests by experiencing the wide range of new opportunities we offer. We need your commitment and support too – with homework and projects, parents’ evenings and celebrations, cheering on the sports field and telling us if things could be better.

Working together, your child will achieve their very best.

We are very proud of our young peoples achievements. OFSTED has twice judged the College
“Outstanding” and reported, “Parents are unanimous that their children are well taught”. Inspectors wrote “The passion for providing opportunities that will make a difference to students’ lives is at the heart of the College and permeates all levels. Teamwork and collegiality are evident within the harmonious and cohesive community, where all members show respect and tolerance for each other. All students feel equally valued.” You can find OFSTED reports here.