Staff list

Mr P Walker - PE

Mrs T Schouten - Deputy Headteacher - Maths
Mr D Cunningham - Director of Business Development & Operations
Mr J Lushington - Assistant Headteacher – Maths
Mr D Mather - Assistant Headteacher – English
Mr J Harvey - Assistant Headteacher – English
Mrs K Oliver – Assistant Headteacher - Drama
Mrs B Laing – Leading Practitioner - Geography
Mr M Parson- Chair of Governors

Mrs C Adams - English
Miss A Allen - Music
Mrs C Alsop - Science
Ms L Aonso - Technology
Ms L Ashton - Student Progress Officer/Flexible Learning
Mr L Barker - Maths
Miss S Barry - Music
Mr A Bick - PE/Science/PSE
Miss K Blackburn - Head of PE
Mrs A Bowman - Head of Year 7/English
Miss S Burke - History
Mr D Chanter - Science/Leading Edge Co-ordinator
Miss L Chapman - Head of Humanities
Mr A Cheetham - Science/ITE Co-ordinator
Mr A Childs - Maths/Science/STEAM Leader
Mrs S Childs - Partnership Music Development Lead
Miss J Cullen - Second in Science
Miss L Curtis - Technology
Mr C Davis - PE/iPad Champion/Student Leadership
Mrs N Duke - Modern Foreign Languages
Mr T Ede - Science/Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator
Mrs S Ede - Science
Miss N Edgell - Science
Mrs F Evans - History/Cover Teacher
Mr T Excell - HOH/PE
Ms R Frucella - PE
Mr B Gillo - PE
Dr K Green - Maths
Mr D Guerrero-Becerril - Head of Spanish
Mrs G Harries – Professional Developments Officer/ Music
Mrs M Heard - PE
Mr G Herring - HOH/English
Mrs L Herring - English
Mr M Holmes - HOH/PE
Miss L Innes - Science
Miss S Jackson - Maths
Mrs S Jaques - Head of Maths
Mrs R Knowles - Food & Nutrition
Miss T Lambert - Geography/Humanities/ICT
Mrs L Lammas - English
Mrs J Lushington - Geography
Miss S Marsh - PE/ARB Lead Teacher
Mr R Marshall - Art
Miss C Mitchell - Media/English
Ms E Oldrieve - History/RE
Miss D Orford - Head of Art
Mrs A Owen - Technology
Mr G Parekh - Head of RE/SMSC
Mr R Penhaligon - Second in Maths
Mrs J Phillips - English
Mrs N Pointon - English
Mr D Reading - Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs C Ribenfors - English
Mr D Ribenfors - Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs A Roukaerts - Maths
Dr C Stamper - Science
Miss L Stoddart - Head of Science
Miss A Stone - ICT/Cover Teacher
Mr D Stringer - Head of Technology
Miss B Sullivan - English
Mrs E Teagle - RE/History
Miss K Tellam - Drama
Mr C Tomlinson - HOH/ICT/Business Studies
Miss L Triggs - English
Dr E van Veen - Science
Mr D Venton - Head of Geography
Mrs A Walker - PE
Miss N Webster - Second in English
Mrs E Westhead - Geography/Student Voice
Mrs C Wilkinson - PSHE
Mr C Willey - Maths
Miss E Williams - Head of English
Mrs F Williams - SENCo/English
Miss S Nowell - Head of Creative Arts
Ms T Wright - Maths
Mr A Yule - Head of ICT

Mr J Ash - Study Support Programme Manager
Mr D Lugg - School Games Organiser/Extended Schools

Mrs V Cooper - SEN Administration Assistant
Mrs J D’Arcy-Evans - Exams Administrator
Mrs C Francis - Cover Administrator
Miss L Morrissey - Receptionist
Mrs J Heard - Evening Receptionist/Lettings Administrator
Mr N Hosking - Admin Assistant
Mrs J Jose - PA to Senior Leadership Team
Mrs A Kruse - Finance Assistant
Mrs A Murray - Senior Office Administrator
Mrs G Ohly - HR Officer/Events Co-ordinator
Ms S Phillips - Executive Assistant
Mrs J Pyatt - PA to Headteacher/Clerk to Governors
Mrs L Sanders - Finance Officer
Mrs K Snowdon - Exams Officer
Mrs N Spencer - Data Administrator
Miss L Walters - Office Administrator
Mrs N Wilkinson - HR Manager

Miss R Bastian - WRL and Library Manager
Miss V Giblin - Library/WRL Admin Assistant
Mrs T Hitchcox - Library/WRL Admin Assistant

Mrs E Ball - RE
Mrs N Brown
Miss H Hayman - Art
Mrs C Kaack - Geography
Mr M Lewarne

Ms K Narramore - Senior Science Technician
Mrs C Albert - Science Technician
Miss S Gay- Textiles/Food & Nutrition Technician
Mr J Parkes - Creative Arts Technician
Miss G Phipps - Art Technician
Mr R Stephens - Design/Technology

Mrs K Oliver - Assistant Head i/c Behaviour/Attendance/SEN
Mrs F Williams - SENCO
Mrs A McGee-Harrison - Education Welfare Officer
Miss I Bennetts - Skills Centre Manager
Miss L Salmon - Attendance Officer
Mrs C Guimaraes - Attendance Officer

Year 7 Curriculum Access Team
Mrs J Bissett -Educational Support Team
Mrs D Chappel - TA
Mrs C Mayle- TA
Ms L Shears - TA
Miss Y Wright - TA

Year 8 Curriculum Access Team
Mrs T Charles- Educational Support Team
Mrs J Whittall - TA

Year 9 Curriculum Access Team
Mrs D Stokes - Educational Support Team
Mr T Cooke - TA
Mrs D Mills - TA
Mrs L Roberts _ TA
Miss J Stambridge - TA

Year 10 Curriculum Access Team
Mrs J Binny - Educational Support Team
Mrs N Battle - TA
Mrs L Edgson - TA
Mrs M Lau-Johanning - TA
Miss P Reid - TA

Year 11 Curriculum Access Team
Mrs L Ashton - Educational Support Team
Mrs L Cooke - TA
Miss T Robbins - TA

ARB Curriculum Access Team
Mrs D Watts - ARB Lead HLTA
Mrs R Brown - TA
Miss S Hamilton - TA
Miss S Jermyn - TA
Mrs S Pollard - TA

Department TA's
Mrs E Ward (English)
Miss N Tyley(Maths)
Mr M Whitbread-Jordan (Science)

Miss Y Andrew
Mrs C Belcher
Mrs K Cahill
Mrs N Mannix
Mrs L Pinch

Mr A Cocks - Premises Manager
Mr J Evans - Caretaker
Mr C Moses - Caretaker
Mr A Pickup-Bowker - Caretaker
Mr G Webber - Caretaker

Mr S Pell - ICT Network Manager
Mr S Weeks - Assistant ICT Network Manager
Mr J Lambert - ICT Technician
Mrs L Reines - ICT Technician

“I feel my children are treated as individuals which is very important.”