ARB Open Morning

22 March 2016

Recently the ARB Department hosted their second open morning where parents and teachers were invited to see what the students had been working on over the last few months. Basing the theme of their work around St Piran’s Day, they had been celebrating all things Cornish!

ARB Open Morning

In Literacy the group studied The Mousehole Cat, by Antonia Barber, a novel featuring Mowzer the cat who lives with a fisherman and enjoys eating the delicious meals that he makes from his catch, such as Stargazey Pie. Due to terrible weather one winter, Mousehole fishermen can no longer fish, so Mowzer and Fisherman Tom decide to embark on a dangerous mission to get food for the whole village.

The Mousehole Cat was a great success with the pupils who then created their own stories working to the title ‘Storm at Sea’. During the open morning, alongside showings of The Mousehole Cat on screen, students courageously stood up to read out the stories they had written to parents and staff.

Finally, the ARB choir sang a Cornish song to the group, but Mrs Carpenter had lost her voice from rehearsals! As a farewell, guests were treated to a Cornish feast which the students had baked themselves, including scones with jam and cream and a selection of pasties.