Attendance Team Update from Mr Mather

26 April 2024

An update from our Deputy Headteacher, Mr Mather, on the Attendance team here at Penryn College:

I have mixed news to share about our Attendance team: the sad news is that after many years of providing families, staff and children with wonderful support, Ms McGee-Harrison is leaving. The good news is that she is returning one day a week in the role of Education Welfare Officer, and will work closely with the school and families to help when students are really struggling with attendance.

We have appointed a new full-time Attendance Officer, Ms Pellow, to work alongside Mr Holland. Our aim is, by having two full-time Attendance Officers, we will be able to support more students quicker when they require support with attendance or punctuality issues.

The Attendance Officers work very closely with our Heads of Year and tutors, and if families have any queries or concerns about attendance, this team of staff is available to help.

Whilst our attendance is above average for schools in the South West, we are still keen that they match or exceed national averages. We very much appreciate all the effort that families put into ensuring that students attend well and punctually.

Over the next few months, the government will be introducing a new series of measures to help schools improve attendance, and we will keep families informed of any major changes that arise from this.

Mr Mather
Deputy Headteacher