Brilliant Bodmin Moor Moments with ARB Students

03 July 2021

Three Penryn College ARB students took part in an exciting and adventurous hike upon Bodmin Moor’s ‘Rough Tor’ on Friday.

Ben, Monique, and Sophie demonstrated fantastic determination to reach the summit of the Tor, tackling tough terrain amid its stunning natural beauty and fascinating Stone and Iron Age remains.

Each of the students had a fantastic time, and even wrote their own reports about their adventure! You can read these reports below.

A huge well done to Ben, Monique, and Sophie!

Monique – My Bodmin Moor Report

I arrived at Bodmin Moor, Rough Tor was in the distance. I was thinking ‘the hill is massive’. I felt a bit excited. 

We started walking on the stony path. I was using the walking stick for my swollen ankle to give it some support when I was walking. When I looked up at Rough Tor, I could feel my heart thumping with joy. I see stones are surrounded with loads of other stones. I walked on up the hill and could see the grey clouds moving in the sky. Half way I had a drink and a rest. I looked around to look at the wonderful flowers and I took a photo on Miss Tyley’s iPad – it’s called sharing. 

We climbed on humongous stones that the weather had made. Rough Tor looks so massive. Over the huge, hard rocks we climbed to the top to look at Brown Willy behind us in the distance. It can’t be more massive than Rough Tor, but it looked so big. I can’t wait to go next time.

Ben – My Bodmin Moor Report

When I arrived at Bodmin Moor, I was enthusiastic and ready to go. It was an extraordinary experience, I had so much fun climbing Rough Tor. It was like I was in my own world exploring new things along the way – I was in my element. The rigid rocks were a bit of a challenge on the way there but it didn’t bother me, it just made the adventure more exciting. I saw sheep and cows in the distance and their poo got in the way on the path, but that didn’t get in my way! The sky was humid with dark clouds looming. It didn’t affect my mood but it changed the atmosphere and how the setting changed. I could smell the fresh gust of wind pulling back on me, it’s like it wanted me to have a challenge but I felt encouraged to keep pushing forward and to never give up no matter what! 

When I got to the top of Rough Tor, it was a phenomenal view. I was pleased I reached this far and it was definitely worth it. I got some really nice photos of Rough Tor’s view. You could see Brown Willy from there and it didn’t look massive compared to Rough Tor because Brown Willy is only 20 metres higher, but when you’re at the bottom it looks huge! Next time, I’m definitely going to conquer Brown Willy! I’m ready for round two!

Sophie – My Bodmin Moor Report

My legs hurt, but I made it to the top of Rough Tor!