British Science Week: What’s Happening?

07 March 2024

Next week is British Science Week, and we are celebrating it with lots of activities here at Penryn College!

Check out a summary of what’s happening below. It’s worth noting that this year’s theme is ‘time’!

Time Experiment in the Library

Over both lunchtimes on Tuesday 12 March, our Science team will be running an experiment in the library to test whether our perception of time changes depending on our age. To test this, we are asking students and staff to guess how long a minute is without counting!

The Big Plastic Count

We are asking pupils to tally up the plastic they throw away (recycling or in the bin) at home every day for a week. They will record this by filling in a form on their iPads. We can then find out exactly how much plastic waste is leaving UK households and send the results off to The Big Plastic Count, who will use the data to work out how much, as a country, we’re throwing away.

You can find out more information on The Big Plastic Count by clicking here!