Job of the Week

Each week we include a ‘Job of the Week’ feature in our newsletter. We include key information such as the skills required to work in different fields of employment, the average salary, average hours worked per week, and more.

Check out the full ‘Job of the Week’ list below.

Job of the Week List – Autumn Term 2020

DJ and Broadcaster

Week beginning 9 October

Job Role: Disc jockeys (DJs) play recorded music for broadcast, satellite, and internet radio stations or for parties, dances, and special events. On the radio, they intersperse the music with a variety of advertising material and informal commentary. They may also perform such public services as announcing the time, the weather forecast, travel times, or important news. Interviewing guests and making public service announcements may also be part of the DJ’s work. 

Average Salary: £18,984 – £99,674
Average Weekly Hours: 44
Workforce: 52% male; 48% female.

Video Interview: Click here to check out a fantastic interview with world-famous broadcaster, Trevor Nelson.

Senior Scientist

Week beginning 28 September

Job Role: Biological scientists and biochemists examine and investigate the morphology, structure, chemistry and physical characteristics of living organisms, including their inter-relationships, environments and diseases.

Average Salary: £42,120
Average Weekly Hours: 37
Workforce: 60% male; 40% female.

Video Interviews: Check out this interview with Steve, who is interested in genetics and uses this knowledge to breed different coloured corn snakes as a hobby. He works on the human genome. Click here to access his interview.

 Check out this interview with Neil, who is involved in vaccine research for disease and recovery. Click here to access his interview.

Check out this interview with Peterinspired by David Attenborough and involved in the environment and mining. He works at the Eden Project. Click here to access his interview.

Speech and Language Therapist

Week beginning 21 September

Job Role: Speech and language therapists are responsible for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of speech, language, fluency and voice disorders caused by disability, injury or illness.

Average Salary: £30,680
Average Weekly Hours: 34
Workforce: 53% male; 47% female.

Video Interview: To view an insightful interview with Helen, a Speech and Language Therapist, please click here.

Dog Re-homer

Week beginning 14 September

Job Role: Dog Re-homers care for dogs held in kennels and similar establishments, providing specialised training, grooming, clipping and trimming services. Dog Re-homers also search for and capture stray or nuisance dogs in public areas.

Average Salary: £14,040
Average Weekly Hours: 26
Workforce: 33% male; 67% female.

Video Interview: To view an insightful interview with Amy, a Dog Re-homer, please click here.