Class of 2023 Students Celebrate Fantastic GCSE Results

24 August 2023

Penryn College’s Class of 2023 students returned to the school to celebrate their fantastic achievements with family members and staff on Thursday morning, as part of a memorable GCSE Results Day.

As always, this much-awaited day in the school calendar was full of anticipation and excitement for members of the year group, who were the school’s second set of students to sit full GCSE exams since 2019 due to the pandemic.

Indeed, the Class of 2023 achieved some fantastic results, exceeding national averages. And there was an evident sense of pride as they concluded their Penryn College journey and looked towards their next chapter of education and training.

A huge 29% of the grades earned were grade 7 or above, improving Penryn College’s outstanding 2019 figures and eclipsing this year’s national average of 22.4%.

74% of the total grades awarded were grade 4 or above, against the national figure of 68%.

Moreover, every pupil who was able to take a qualification left the school with at least two counting qualifications. 97% of those students left with at least five counting qualifications.

A further look at the statistics revealed that 120 pupils achieved at least one grade 9-7, and 17 students earned 10 or more 9-7 grades.

Special mention goes to Imogen Alsop and Sophia Murjaneh, who achieved at least 10 grade 9s each. Exceptional results were also achieved by the following five boys and four girls: Felix Liverod-Griffin, Charlie Long, Bailey Whitehouse, Ronan Johnston, Rafael Oakes, Poppy Dale, Ginger Doyle, Lowenna Burley and Aracely Venner Cortez.

All of these students achieved top grades of 8s and 9s across all of their subjects.

Exceptional progress was a feature for many of Penryn College’s pupils, and special mention goes to the following six girls and five boys: Sapphire Bennett, Milly Tregaskes, Rosie Pointon, Casey Kevern, Isobel Hodge, Celia Kilner, Charlie Nicholson, Felix Liverod-Griffin, Ruan Trevail, Noah Chapman and Bailey Whitehouse.

These students achieved an average of at least two grades higher than expected.

Moreover, over a quarter of the school’s pupils across all ability ranges achieved at least one grade higher than expected across all of their subjects.

Additionally, all 39 Year 10 students who sat their GCSE RE Fast Track exams passed with at least a grade 5, with 27 pupils achieving a grade 9-7, and an outstanding seven of those earning a grade 9.

In other year groups, several GCSEs were also earned in Statistics, Persian, Astronomy, Arabic, Portuguese and Turkish.

And, reflecting on the magnificent achievements of the Class of 2023, Penryn College Headteacher, Mrs Schouten, said: “It has been so lovely to spend the morning with so many happy students!

“I am very proud of these pupils. They went above and beyond to ensure they got the best possible set of grades and they have been rewarded for their efforts.

“This year group have been a joy to work with and have been fantastic ambassadors for the College. In addition to these wonderful results, they have contributed so much more to the life of the school in a variety of other areas.

“We wish them every success in their future lives. They deserve it!”

And Mrs Schouten went on to thank Penryn College’s staff and the families of the students.

“None of this success is possible without the fantastic support of the families of the pupils and our wonderful staff. A big thank you to you all,” she said.

And as pupils said their goodbyes after collecting their results, Class of 2023 Head Student, Isabella French, reflected on her time at Penryn College and her future plans.

“I’m so relieved that all the hard work has paid off,” said Isabella.

“Everyone at Penryn College has been so supportive and they’ve been so lovely and helpful to everyone.

“Next, I’m planning to go to Truro College to study Health & Social Care and Psychology – to hopefully become a midwife.”

And Isabella’s fellow Class of 2023 Head Student, Robert Springfield, also shared his experiences and plans after receiving his results.

“Penryn College is a great school. The staff are amazing – really helpful and really nice. I’ve learned so much and it’s been a great experience,” said Robert.

“In September, I’m looking to go to Truro College to study STEM-based subjects. I’m sticking to tech and robotics – that’s really what I want to go into in the future,” he concluded.