Cornwall Air Ambulance Lead Assemblies on Fundraising

11 January 2019

Representatives from this year’s chosen school charity, Cornwall Air Ambulance, have been staging a number of assemblies in Kernewek Hall this week – informing students of how their life-saving services operate.

Cornwall Air Ambulance Appeal Manager, Amy Richards, presented the opening assembly on Wednesday morning – and began by thanking students for their fantastic fundraising efforts during the 2018 Charity Week. 

Amy explained how donations towards the charity save lives on a daily basis, and revealed how the £2,000 raised during the school’s Charity Week is planned to contribute towards the purchase of a new £2.5 million helicopter – much to the amazement of pupils!

Students engaged with Amy throughout the assembly – as they were asked to share their knowledge of Cornwall Air Ambulance, and detail any experiences they had encountered with the service.