Members of Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service Visit College for Driving Awareness Discussions

25 January 2019
Members of the Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service visited Penryn College on Thursday, informing students of the risks and consequences of dangerous driving. 
The interactive session, aimed at pupils aged 14-16, focused on the risks as both a driver and a passenger, and involved a host of activities, including Q&As, videos, discussions, and much more.
Among the discussions, Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service apprentice, Rohan, took the opportunity to share his experiences in being a part of the Service’s first-ever apprenticeship scheme.Following the session, pupils shared some fantastic feedback with the attending officers – highlighting what they had learned during the activities and discussions. Comments included:

“I’ve learned that if I attend a party when I’m older, I should never choose to drink and drive. You should always call a parent – even if it’s late – or ask a friend for a lift.”

“I’ve learned that you shouldn’t be worried about speaking up to keep yourself and others safe as a passenger in a car.”

“I’ve learned that apprenticeships are a very good career path, and I feel it is something that I may try in the future.”

“What I will take away from this presentation is that you should always assume drivers of other cars haven’t seen you.”
“Never feel pressured to get into a car.”

“I’ve learned that I should not drink and drive when I am older. I’ve also learned that you should never enter a lorry’s blind spot.”