Coronavirus Update

24 March 2020

Please see Mr Walker’s latest update below:

I hope you are well and are taking time to adjust to the latest update from the government. What truly testing times we are living through at the moment.

As you know, we are working hard to ensure that students have good-quality work to complete at home during this time, so they can continue their learning. It does look like this will not be a short-term situation, and we want to do our best to support students through this period. I would be more than happy for you to provide any feedback on this process – do not hesitate to contact me directly via e-mail:

Resource documents

We have made some guidelines available for you via our website (please see link below), including an additional document which will accompany Resources 4 and 5, as detailed in yesterday’s update. The most simple guide is Resource 6, which makes it really clear how we will set work, and explains what you, as parents/carers, and your child can do to help. If you read only one thing, this should be it. Resources 4 and 5 offer more in-depth advice on how students and parents/carers can make the best of being at home. We will update these resources with any changes that are made in the future.

Please click here to access resources.

This week’s set work

As highlighted in yesterday’s update, this week is basically a test run, to ensure all of our systems and processes are as simple and clear as possible. It is also an opportunity to get students into a routine of completing work at home.


  • We will set one piece of short work for each subject via the Virtual School by 9.00am tomorrow morning (Wednesday 25 March);
  • Students should complete this work by 10.00am on Friday;
  • Staff will be looking to celebrate good work and will make a record of work which is not completed.

If your child does not have a working iPad, or if you require any support, please contact us via phone: 01326 372379, or e-mail We will do all we can to help you.

iPad notifications

Feedback has informed us that students are receiving lots of notifications via their iPads. We believe this is due to the amount of new Showbie groups being created for teaching and learning. Showbie is a great platform for completing work, and allows staff to provide feedback to students, so we have been busy getting these groups organised. Students will also have notifications for homework that was set last week, and is due to be submitted this week. Pupils can complete this homework if they wish. This week, however, the priority is to establish our working patterns – so please prioritise completing the work set on Wednesday morning.


Remember, if you need any help at all, please contact the main office via or on 01326 372379. We have staff in the school who are ready to assist you with anything you need.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your ongoing support and kind words during this tricky time. Remember, if you need any help, just call or e-mail.