Coronavirus Update

17 April 2020

Please see Mr Walker’s latest update below:

Good afternoon. I hope you are well. I also hope you and your child are finding the online work manageable. There has been some amazing work completed so far, and we are very grateful for all of your support.  

Set Work

The deadline for completion of work was 10.00am today. If meeting these deadlines becomes a problem, please, please contact the teachers so they are aware – they will understand. This process should not cause any upset 

Thank you for your valuable feedback. As a result of this we are: 

  • Focusing on making sure the amount of work set is appropriate; 
  • Indicating how much time to spend on set work; 
  • Making sure we do not set any further work after the deadline. If your child is completing work easily and would like more, please let the relevant member of staff know and they may set more optional tasks the following week. 

Please don’t let your child spend any time being upset about completing work – they just need to contact their teachers. What we would ask is that students should contact staff from their school email accounts, not their personal email accounts.

Year 11 

We are currently working through our processes to send teacher GCSE grades to the exam boards. As you knowthe Ofqual arrangements make no requirements for additional work from students at this pointand staff cannot make grades public. The special consideration process is still in place, and the College will consider every GCSE grade for every student with the greatest care. 

In additionwe are still working with post16 providers on transition units to college. We have e-mailed and phoned most Year 11 students so we know all of the post16 choices. This information is essentialso please respond to Mrs Snowdon’s e-mail as soon as possible. 


We still have some books at the College – please email or call 01326 372379 if you would like to make arrangements to collect them.


We are so sad that we have had to cancel our trips to France, Italy, Spain (football)Roscoff, and Seville. We are currently working with the travel company on the choir trip to Belgiumand now reviewing the Isles of Scilly and Leading Edge trips. We will contact the parents/carers of students on these trips when we have an update.   

FinallyI hope everything went well/goes well with your child submitting work today. Remember, there is no need for stres– just communicate any problems with staff. I hope you have the best weekend possible.  

Stay safe and take care.