Coronavirus Update

16 March 2020

Please see Mr Walker’s latest update below:

This week, we have had time to put together further plans in order to respond purposefully to what will be a challenging time for us all. The school will be guided by three core principles:

  • The safety and well-being of all members of our community;
  • Following government advice and trying to keep the school open, if it is in the national interest;
  • Care, kindness, and achievement.

Obviously, we are unable to provide any certainties at present, but it is important that we respond to all eventualities in a calm and proportionate manner. Our student body, in particular, require reassurance.

As you would expect, we have developed detailed plans in areas such as safeguarding and health and safety.

At this current stage, we are unable to provide details regarding GCSE and BTEC exams, but the focus of our preparations behind the scenes are to ensure that matters are in hand in order to support students, especially those in Year 10 and 11. Online materials may be of crucial importance, but we will also have paper copies of work to assist with learning. It is so important that students, particularly those in said year groups, step up to the mark and prepare themselves so they are equipped for any eventuality.

We are determined to operate as smoothly as possible, and it is vital that students play their part in making this happen. We need their conduct, behaviour, effort, and maturity to be exemplary. We are incredibly proud of the ethos that goes right across our school, and look forward to seeing pupils respond to the challenge.

Students will be reminded to arrive at school on time and fully equipped. They must respect scarce resources, especially those connected to health and hygiene; toilets and other sensitive areas must be treated with the utmost respect and care, and students themselves must wash their hands regularly and thoroughly.

Pupils will be reminded of these imperatives tomorrow. We will also provide support and reassurance to those who require it. I will continue to keep you fully informed over the coming days and weeks. Your full support in going over the items highlighted above with your child is much appreciated.

In the coming weeks, resources are likely to be stretched. It will be difficult to balance a desire to stay open – fully or partially – when there is also advice to use self-isolation (stay at home), when appropriate. Therefore, we will attempt to make the best decisions we can, and communicate these to you at the appropriate times. You can, of course, contact me at any time via e-mail or phone, and I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible.

We are so proud of everyone involved with Penryn College, and I know we will pull together so that we get through this very challenging time. Parents/carers: please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.