The Penryn Creativity Collaborative seeks to explore ‘Does the teaching of creativity across the curriculum lead to young people who are better prepared for their future in a changing workforce?’ 

The Penryn Creativity Collaborative aims to work across the partnership to research, develop and test a range of Teaching and Learning strategies leading to systemic change in practice for Teaching for Creativity. The partnership will strive to inspire Teaching and Learning for a future curriculum and ensure the Teaching and Learning of Creativity is cultivated across the school curriculum.

From 2021 – 2024, the Penryn Creativity Collaborative will aim to:

  • Develop leaders, implementing change for the Teaching of Creativity, demonstrating a model for developing pedagogy across a partnership.
  • Increase staff capability in Teaching for Creativity.
  • Create a ‘Preparing for a Creative Future’ framework, developing creative skills across the school curriculum.