Year 1

We are excited to share with you our Year 1 Report from the Penryn Creativity Collaboratives.  

During year 1, we explored approaches to teaching and learning across the partnership, developing a Penryn β€˜Preparing for a Creative Future’ framework, with full details in the report. 

Our findings can now be found in the Year 1 Report below (please click links to access):

Check out our Creativity Collaboratives webinar below!

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About Year 1

In year 1 of the Penryn Creativity Collaborative, we set out to Question, Challenge and Explore, working towards creating a Preparing for a Creative Future framework.  Through explorative research across our learning community, we explored three questions: Why are creative skills needed in a changing workforce? What creative skills are needed to be developed by Cornish students to become better prepared? How do we best prepare teachers for Teaching for Creativity?  From Spring 2022, working alongside the expertise of Associate Professor Kerry Chappell, and Ursula Crickmay from the University of Exeter, we leaped into a range of explorative research methods: a literature review, a business and cultural partners survey, a range of focus groups, and interviews to explore approaches to Teaching and Learning across the Penryn Partnership.