Year 2

Following a year of Questioning, Challenging and Exploring, we feel more equipped with the understanding of why creative skills are needed and what creative skills are needed to become better prepared for a changing workforce for our Cornish students. As we move into a new academic year, our focus becomes Building and Testing. We want to develop a model for developing pedagogy across a partnership of schools and to develop leaders and teachers who are promoting and implementing change for the Teaching of Creativity. We are thrilled to have 15 colleagues across the Penryn Partnership who are inspired to participate in Action Research during the 2022/23 school year. Across our Learning Community, each Action Research coach will be exploring their own research question linked to our emerging language around creative skills and pedagogy.

Our Action Research programme will promote professional collaboration and help to establish staff as an evidence-based group. We are excited that, as a result from our work this year, our Creativity Network want to support our teachers in their classrooms allowing them to hold firm to our overarching question about how we prepare young people for a changing workforce. This network of local business and cultural partners will be buddied with our teachers to support their understanding of the modern workforce, building an open dialogue to communicate ideas and expertise. With the guidance and support of the University of Exeter we want to ensure our Action research allows us the opportunity to measure the impact of our work.