Year 3

About Year 3

Following a year of Questioning, Challenging and Exploring in Year 1 (2021/22), we felt more equipped with the understanding of why creative skills are needed and what creative skills are required to become better prepared for a changing workforce for our Cornish students. During Year 2 (2022/23), our focus was on Building and Testing, developing leaders and teachers who are promoting and implementing change for the Teaching of Creativity.

Our ambition for Year 3 is to Embed and Grow, extending the scope of our project, ensuring long-term systemic change and impact across the Penryn Partnership and beyond. Across the partnership, a learning community of Leaders and teachers who will cascade practice from their work so far to extend the impact of Teaching for Creativity.

We will be publishing our Penryn Creative Collaborative ‘Toolkit’ for developing creativity across the curriculum during Spring 2024, and hosting our first ‘Better Prepared for a Creative Future’ Symposium on Tuesday 26 March 2024.

We hope you can join us!