Experience our Open Evening – in photos

26 September 2016
Year 7s Open Day

5pm About 200 of our students are voluntarily in school on Wednesday evening, bursting with energy to show visitors what we do at Penryn College. Many of them haven’t been home, but have stayed on to help set up displays and activities.


Year 7s Open Day

5.20pm 5 Year 7 students talk to a school hall crowded with Year 6 and year 5 pupils and their parents about their first weeks in Year 7. Their confidence and enthusiasm are awesome!

“I came from a primary school with only 100 pupils, but after a few days it doesn’t feel so big anymore and I am completely confident of where to go. You may be sporty or musical. You might like archery. Penryn has loads of different clubs for you to join. So far I have tried choir and hockey and next week I am going to have a go at trampolining.”

– Nancy, Year 7

Year 11 Prefects

5.30pm Our Yr 11 Prefect guides wait to give families a personal tour of the school – ready to answer questions and introduce them to staff.

Science Open day

5.40pm Getting shockingly up close with internal organs in Science!

Science Open day

5.50pm We can hardly believe our eyes! A brave student is handling fire in the Science Lab – obviously not to be tried at home, or anywhere without your science teacher and their safety equipment.

Science Open Day

Meanwhile KS3 scientists are making what can only be described as mini-fireworks

Drama open day

6.00pm A GCSE Drama crew earn a round of applause in the Drama Studio


“The food here is amazing! I haven’t got lost yet! They give you a map on the first day.”

– Annabelle, Year 7

Media Photoshop Openday

6.10pm One of our media hounds is manipulating images in Photoshop to put visiting pupils on the front page

Dance studio open day

6.15pm Mrs Williams leads a rehearsal in our dance studio

“I went to the first Penryn induction day where I made new friends. Then came Stepping Stones where I met everyone in my tutor group, and finally an evening where I met my new tutor and collected my uniform and PE kit. All these things helped to make me feel more confident.”

– Molly, Year 7

Music open day

6.20pm Cool jams in the Music practice rooms

Fitness Studio

6.30pm Girls pump iron in the fitness studio

Eco car

6.40pm Students show off their made to scale, eco-friendly electric race car!

Design Technology

6.45pm Getting practical in Design Technology

History Open Day

7.00pm Henry VIII and Sir Wellington come to blows

History Open Day

7.03pm Charles 1st and Sir Thomas Becket lend a little dignity to the History Department

Geography Open Day

7.30pm An entire raised wave cut platform from the Geography Dept is under threat from edible erosion!

Sports hall open day

7.45 In the Sports Hall, parents are quizzing Ms Blackburn about sports clubs while the netball tournament comes to a close


“I love sports and was excited to try some more creative aspects of learning so Penryn is perfect for me.”

– Erin

Open Evening

7.50pm The school is still buzzing from a brilliant open evening!


 “I am more and more excited about growing up in this happy environment”

– Josiah, Year 7