Falmouth University Film and TV Workshop

16 June 2016

Two students from Falmouth University joined our Year 10 media students last week for a special session on ‘green screens’. Ingrid (Third Year Film student) and Tom (First Year TV student) started the session with a special look at how green screens were used to create the new Jungle Book film. The pupils were then asked to split into groups, choosing an image as a backdrop that would help to create a narrative and drafting a 1 minute script around this backdrop.

Film and TV Workshop

After filming their scripted scene in front of the green screen, the pupils then returned to the classroom to edit their recording, using the magic of green screen to make their chosen image into their backdrop. Their results were shown at the end of the day to much laughter and applause.

The pupils learnt a great deal about how green screen techniques make a lot of the film and TV scenes they watch on a daily basis. Those interested in a career in the industry also got a chance to ask the Falmouth University students about their chosen degree subjects and the subsequent job opportunities.

Film and TV Workshop 2