Fantastic Animal-Themed Trip!

18 July 2023

Monday saw 18 of our Year 7 and 8 students take part in an exciting, animal-themed trip to Duchy College Rosewarne!

The day started in the Animal Care area, where pupils bathed the tortoises and bearded dragons, and observed the other animals that live in the exotics room, including the newest arrivals: a blue-tongued skink and a chameleon!

However, the highlight of the morning for many of the students was holding Boris – the biggest snake at Duchy College!

During their lunch break, students were treated to some time in The Nest, where they played pool, video games, board games and much more. That was before they made their own terrariums, tested soil texture/PH levels, and picked tomatoes to take home!

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Duchy College Rosewarne for providing such a fun and educational day. Our students and staff look forward to visiting again soon!