Gardening Club Delight After Local Plant Company Donations

14 May 2024

Members of our Gardening Club were delighted to install a set of plants kindly donated by Cornish organic plant company, Rocket Gardens, this week.

Delivered in card packaging, the Gardening Club gratefully received an array of plug plants including cauliflowers, cabbages, lettuces, beans, carrots, strawberries and tomatoes.

Speaking following the planting, Gardening Club Lead, Mrs Alsop, said: “We had to keep the plants in the classroom for four days before we had time to put them outside, and they survived very well, but it was good to get them into the ground. We were probably the only people who were glad that it rained on Tuesday evening!

“We had so many plants that there were enough for Mr Prynn and the outdoor area he is resurrecting. Thank you very much to Rocket Gardens for the lovely donation,” Mrs Alsop concluded.

You can find out more about Rocket Gardens here.