Gardening Club Students ‘Make Space for Nature’ at Local Park

11 March 2022

Members of our Gardening Club visited Penryn’s Permarin Park earlier this week, where they took part in a community planting project run by the Cormac Landscaping Team.

The Cornwall Council-run project, ‘Making Space for Nature’, aims to improve green spaces for wildlife and the community by increasing biodiversity and enhancing accessibility/facilities.

And after a warm welcome from the Cormac team, students were given a comprehensive briefing on the plants they would be using, plus tool safety, before setting off to work. They then had to choose the placement of the plants using information provided on eventual heights and colours of the flowers.

In addition, various fruit trees were planted, and there are plans for a sensory flower bed and new play equipment to be installed in the area, which will further transform the space for local people to use.

Reflecting on the students’ efforts, Gardening Club Leader, Mrs Alsop, said: “The pupils were a credit to the school and worked tirelessly for an hour and a half transforming a large, empty flower bed.

“They arrived back at Penryn College tired, but proud of themselves. Great job, everyone!”