House System

House Points

We are delighted to introduce our new House Points system, which will be developed into school life at Penryn College. Throughout the year, students will be provided with the opportunity to collect House Points that contribute to individual rewards and achievements, but also reward their House.

The Aim

The aim of the House Points system is to provide students with the opportunity to contribute to their House. By getting stuck into everyday school life, competitions, and activities, students will be giving back to their House to create a collective identity.


Every student who attends Penryn College is assigned to a House. There are four houses overseen by the House and Character Lead. Each House is led by House Prefects who work closely with a house captain representing each year group. Students remain in the same House until they leave Penryn College. All staff members are also assigned to a House.

The houses are:

  • Arwenack – Green
  • Gluvias – Purple
  • Killigrew – Blue
  • Pendennis – Yellow

How to Earn House Points:

There are two types of House Points. These are:

Foundations for Learning (FFL) House Points

These are awarded for students getting it right and following the school’s Foundation for Learning (FFL). On arrival to the lesson, the FFL House Point is automatically awarded to the student. Should the student receive a Behaviour Manager Point (BM), the FFL House Point will be automatically deducted. The House with the most FFL House Points every half term will have House Points added towards their House Pillar.

Achieving through Challenge House Points

These are additional house points available to earn when students go above and beyond our FFL expectations.

There are five main ways for students to achieve House Points. These are:

  • Achievement Management Points (AMs)
  • Extracurricular Activity Attendance
  • House Competitions
  • Whole School Awards
  • Reading

How House Points are Showcased

House Points will be available to see on the school website, students’ Virtual School areas, tutor slides, and in school. The point will be visible via the Penryn College House Pillars. Students also have their individual House Pillar on their own Virtual School area, allowing them to see the breakdown of their personal House Points contribution.

Student Character Skills Radar Graph

Achievement Management (AM) Points are now based on the six character skills applied at Penryn College. If a student achieves an AM, it will fall into one of the following six categories. These are:

  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Resilience
  • Cooperation
  • Ingenuity
  • Aspirations

Students will be able to see their Character Skills Radar Graph through the School Life app. The graph appears as below: