KS3 Autumn Term Star Readers

16 December 2023

This week, our Year 7, 8 and 9 Sparx Reader top points earners were entered into a draw, with three lucky winners from each year group receiving a chocolate prize!

A huge well done to the following students for their hard work in earning our Key Stage 3 Sparx Star Readers of the Term Awards, who have all received certificates for their achievements!

Year 7

Mrs Ribenfors – Imogen, Arthur, Freya, Romilly, Jocelyn, Millie
Mrs Adams – Jeff, Charlie, Lily
Mr Leonard – Rose, Morvoren, Elizabeth
Mrs Phillips – Beau, Paige, William
Mrs Pointon – Isla, Olivia, Claudia
Mrs Herring – Jess, Jorja, Alexa
Mrs Manclark – Layla, Willow, Thomas
Charlie, Sid, Elba

Year 8

Mrs Ribenfors – Tulia, Eleanor, Amelia
Mrs Phillips – Harrison, Sophia, Zane, Bella, Dolcie, Katie
Mr Leonard – Isabella , Jordan, Phoebe
Mrs Pointon – Emelia, Jaxen, Laura
Mrs Pointon/Mrs Bowman – Rosie, Jude, Ed, Casey
Mrs Manclark – Rita, Isla, Milly
Austin-Riley, Toby, Isla

Year 9

Mrs Ribenfors – Darryl, Joshua, Josh
Mrs Bowman – Bailey, Nancy, Dylan
Mr Leonard – Owen, Olivia, Jamie
Mr Herring – Jack, Andrew, Sophia, Amy, Theo, Bella
Mrs Manclark – Maya, Eli, Jago, Javan, William, Rosie
Mrs Pointon – Isla, Marinour, Juno