Leon and Ollie’s Lifesaving Summer

07 October 2022

Over the summer holidays, Penryn College student, Leon, and his friend, Ollie, demonstrated a fantastic act of bravery and selflessness when they rescued a lady from drowning off Hayle Towans Beach.

59-year-old Sue Ball found herself in the midst of a rip current, and was struggling to keep afloat until Leon and Ollie came to her rescue after realising that she was in trouble.

Subsequently, the boys kept Ms Ball safe until a lifeguard was able to reach her and bring her back to shore.

“We were out for a swim, getting taken out quite far, and we could tell it was a rip tide, so we began to swim diagonally back to the beach,” said Leon, Year 11, when reflecting on the incident.

“On the way back in, we saw a woman and could tell she was struggling and taking in water, so we swam over and helped her.

“She was on my friend’s back to keep her afloat and we were both helping her before we got the attention of the lifeguards who brought her in,” Leon continued.

Following the incident, Ms Ball was unable to locate the boys and thank them, but a recent BBC appeal helped reunite her with Leon and Ollie.

A massive well done to Leon and Ollie for their selfless efforts.

For advice on what you should do if you find yourself in a rip current, please click here.

Leon (left) with Sue Ball and Ollie.