Marie Hunter’s 2.6 Challenge

01 May 2020

Former Penryn College Headteacher, Marie Hunter, is taking part in the 2.6 Challenge – running a marathon within one week to support the Youth Sport Trust charity.

Marie has been a long-time supporter of the Youth Sport Trust, a charitable organisation which has made significant contribution to the College over the years. Like many other charities, the Youth Sport Trust has been badly impacted by the cancellation of the London Marathon, and Marie is taking part in the 2.6 Challenge to show her support. 

Check out Ms Hunter’s message below, along with a link to her donation page:

“I am running 26 miles in a week as part of the 2.6 Challenge, launched to help UK charities. I am supporting the Youth Sport Trust because it does AMAZING work to help our young people be healthy and happy. It gives incredible support to everyone in school working with children of all ages. It needs us now.

“Sunday would have been the 40th London Marathon, raising in excess of £60million for hundreds for UK charities – the Youth Sport Trust is one of those beneficiaries. The Marathon is really important for its annual fundraising calendar.

“If you can, please help me help them. As well as your generosity, please let people know that the Youth Sport Trust is a charity beneficiary of the 2.6 Challenge ( Thank you.”

Please click here to access Ms Hunter’s donation page.