MFL Leaders Return to Mawnan Primary for French Teaching

15 February 2019

Penryn College’s Modern Foreign Language (MFL) Leaders returned to Mawnan Smith C of E Primary School to continue their French teaching on Thursday.

In contrast to the driving rain and snow that fell during last month’s visit, the sun shone brightly as the MFL Leaders delivered a Valentine’s Day lesson with a difference to Mawnan’s pupils.

Shunning the balloons and fluffy hearts, the lesson focused on MFL Leaders reading French poems to Mawnan students, with one poem featuring the memorable opening line of ‘you are the tomato in my salad’ – making the assumption that everyone loves tomatoes!

Mawnan’s pupils were tasked with filling in the poems’ missing nouns and working out what they meant, before creating visual representations.

The lessons were filled with lots of laughter, and Mawnan’s students came up with a host of their own lines!