MFL Leaders Showcase Teaching Skills at Mawnan Primary

01 February 2019

Seven Year 9 Modern Foreign Language (MFL) Leaders braved the torrential rain, snow, and floods to teach French at Mawnan Smith C of E Primary School on Thursday.

Each of the students helped Mawnan’s pupils develop their French speaking skills via short plays – with performances consisting of ordering drinks and food in a cafe, an anti-bullying play, and much more.

As engrossing as the performances were, pupils couldn’t match the drama taking place outside, and even the MFL Leaders were caught up in the excitement as the torrential rain began to turn into snow.

Unfortunately, the MFL Leaders were forced to cut their teaching time short, in order to ensure everyone made it back to the College safely.

MFL Leaders will return to Mawnan Primary School for more foreign language teaching in the coming weeks.