Mr Walker’s Update

11 September 2020

Please see Mr Walker’s latest update below:

Dear Parent/Carer(s) 

Thank you so much for all your support this week in getting the whole school back in the building. Your children have been remarkable in taking responsibility and behaving in a highly responsible way. As you know, we are all extremely proud of them, especially after this week. As usual, they have achieved this with a huge amount of support from all of you, and we really appreciate that. 

Clubs & Activities 

Next week sees the launch of our clubs and activities. The Autumn Term Clubs & Activities booklet is now available to view on an app on your child’s iPad, and can also be accessed here. Most of the clubs will begin next week and the start dates are detailed in the booklet. Please ensure your child signs up for the clubs so we know how many to plan for! 

Areas we need help with 

It has been a very successful week, but there are a few things that we need some help with. Please see below. 

Dropoff and pickup 

Thank you for not entering the school site to drop off and collect students. This has helped us make the site far safer for our pupils, and we appreciate your help. The police have asked us to remind parents and carers not to drop off or wait for students after school on the main Kernick Road. The blockage of parents waiting for students on the main road is becoming dangerous, particularly in the afternoon. The police were grateful that when they made this request last year, the situation did improve. Penryn Rugby Club have also asked us to remind parents and carers that they should not use the rugby club to drop off or pick up students, as this is disrupting businesses who use the siteand they are concerned about the safety of users. 

It may be worth bearing in mind that the gate at the bottom of the main school field – which can be accessed through Trevance Road or the industrial estate – will be open from 8.25am – 8.40am and 3.15pm – 3.45pm, as well as the main school entrance. 


All students on transport should ensure they wear a face covering for the duration of the journey. Please reiterate this to your child for everyone’s safetyand so that they can continue to use school transport. 

Nose studs and uniform 

We are still dealing with a small number of uniform issues, mainly around trainers (black Nike trainers, including Air Force 1and black Vans, are not correct footwear despite what students may say!), nose studs/rings and hair colouring. Please, please ensure this is all correct so we can really focus on delivering a great experience to students. If you have any doubts or concerns about uniformplease contact 

Next week 

Next week, we should start embedding all our routines and start to feel a bit more normal! Have a wonderful weekend. 

Paul Walker