New Classrooms and Learning Areas Unveiled at Penryn College

12 September 2019

Students and teachers were welcomed back to school with an array of new learning areas and classrooms last week, following some extensive building work which took place during the summer months.

As part of the expansion plans, catering for both students and staff, the Area Resource Base (ARB) has moved to a larger area at the heart of the school’s newer building, and new English, Maths and IT classrooms have also been added.

Additionally, in line with the school’s new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) curriculum, in which students will be learning through vocational, project-based work, classrooms have been modified in the school’s older building.

Reflecting on the impact of the new building work, Assistant Head, Daniel Mather, said: “It’s fantastic to see all of the planning come together, and witness students and teachers making use of all of the wonderful facilities available.

“We’ve seen the school grow a tremendous amount in recent years, with new facilities being added in various subject departments, and it’s very rewarding to see our staff and pupils benefit from this.”

Indeed, along with the new facilities, students and staff are benefiting from a selection of new equipment, along with a range of displays outside of classrooms and within the school corridors: state-of-the-art computers and smart pads have been installed in classrooms, while informative, modern design graphics have been placed on walls and windows.

Concluding the summer’s building work, new staff rooms and offices were added to the school, ahead of further scheduled building work in the near future.