How our new Prefect Team makes a difference

31 October 2016

Each school year we appoint a new prefect team – it’s a big deal for us and them, and individual roles are awarded after intense competition, preparation and a rigorous interview procedure. Our Senior Prefect Team are a committed bunch – they meet weekly with Dan Mather, Assistant Headteacher to coordinate their work around the school. You can identify them by their grey polo shirts and , of course, by their prefect badges.

We thought we’d take time to introduce the new team to you, explain what our prefects do and why they are essential to college life.

Head Boy and Girl

Amy Walker and Ethan Macfadzean-Griffiths provide leadership and role models for all students – that’s a big ask, but we know they have the skills, attitude and commitment to do this! They step up on all big occasions, speaking to whole school audiences, visitors and parents. They are the voice of the school and have earned our confidence in them time and time again.



Student Voice Prefects

Missy Radcliffe, Jack Snowdon and Chelsi Mitchell have an important role of making sure that the opinions of the college students are heard and expressed appropriately. They liaise with the Student Council to discuss issues of student concern, and have their ear to the ground at all times. They have already presented the findings and actions of the Student Survey to other students in assemblies.



Charity Prefects

We are a fund-raising, charity-supporting community and prefects Amy Cocksedge and Caya Murphy have a passion and commitment for organising a whole range of events to activate charity giving.  Their particular brief is to to coordinate the Prefect Charity Week, an annual event in which the entire prefect team challenges the school to raise as much money as possible for our nominated charity. These two have big hearts and loads of drive!

Year 7 Prefects

Our Year 11 students might look big and scary to our Year 7 intake, but they soon find out that the prefects are here to support, encourage and explain. Year 7 Prefects Millie Dunn, Alfie Johns and Ellen Vining are great role models for our younger students and work with the Year 7 tutor groups to make sure they feel a valued part of the school community.



Publicity and Marketing Prefects

Harry Hewitt, Edith Matthias and Sam Brenton have the job of making sure the whole school events that the prefect team organise get publicity and support from all other students and staff.  Without their efforts, the important work of the whole team would have less impact! They collaborate with both the school’s Press Officer and Web/Social Media Coordinator, keeeping them in touch with what’s happening school-wide. They will have a key role in the Year 11 prom and yearbook production.

Creative Arts Prefects

Matilda Fuller is our Deputy Head Girl and Louis Styles is our Deputy Head Boy. As well as providing leadership and support to the whole prefect team, they are the perfect prefects for this role – the highly creative, talented duo are passionate about the arts and are responsible for organising student reviews/talent shows/exhibitions. They know that there is loads of musical, artistic and performance talent in Penryn College and they want to explore ways of showcasing it!



Sport Prefects

As Sports Prefects, Bex Hamilton and Kai Cornish are offering coaching and mentoring for younger athletes who, like them, are committed to both sport and high academic achieivement.  They will also offer guidance to the newly appointed Year 10 House Sports Captains and Sports Leaders.