Non-Uniform Day Foodbank Collection 2021

22 November 2021

As in previous years, we will be collecting items for the Penryn & Falmouth Foodbank this winter. 

We will begin our collection on Thursday 25 November, when students will be able to wear their own (sensible and suitable) clothes to school. However, instead of the usual £1.00 donations, we would like pupils to bring items into school to donate to our collection for the Penryn & Falmouth Foodbank.

Each year, we are overwhelmed with the generosity and kindness of students and their families, and whilst we are grateful for every contribution, we also understand that donations are simply not possible for some families.

Collection boxes will remain in tutor rooms until Friday 10 December, to allow for any further donations.

Below, you will find a list of suggested items that can be donated:

Everyday items


Toilet roll

Washing powder/tablets

Sanitary products

Tinned pasta meals

Tinned spaghetti

Fruit squash/juice

Tea bags

Tinned potatoes

Instant mashed potato

Long life milk

Alternative milks – oat/soya/coconut

Breakfast cereal

Savoury snacks

Tinned meat meals.

Christmas items

Tinned ham

Tinned meat meals

Tinned potatoes

Tinned carrots

Tinned green vegetables

Tinned sweetcorn

Gravy granules


Cranberry sauce

Christmas puddings or similar

Tinned/packet custard

Tinned cream

Tinned fruit

Trifle packs or fruit jelly

Mince pies

Christmas cakes or chocolate logs

Quality biscuits

Boxes/tins of chocolates

Savoury snacks, e.g., nuts or crisps.