Able Students – English


Head of Department/Contact: Emmie Williams

Year group 7-10
Event The English Scholarship
Description Students attend writing workshops at the University of Exeter Tremough Campus, run MA students.
Contact Mr Herring
Date Once each term, dates change yearly.

Year group 7-11
Event Soapbox
Description Debating club, where students are encouraged to voice the issues that concern them.
Contact Mrs Herring
Date Fridays 1.00-1.30

Year group 7-11
Event Penryn Press Gang
Description Students write articles for the Pennant and have their own take on the news.
Contact Miss Webster
Date Thursdays 3.30-4.30

Year group 7-11
Event Kernow Youth Book Award Group
Description Students discuss books that they have read as a group.
Contact Miss Pointon
Date Mondays 3.30-4.30

Year group 7-11
Event Poetry Club
Description A discussion group about classical and contemporary poetry.
Contact Miss Sullivan
Date Wednesdays 3.30-4.30