Exams and Exam Timetables

Important Information for all Pupils Taking Exams

The following attachments contain important information for pupils to become familiar with in advance of exams.


Ex-Year 11 Students (Academic Year 2019/20)

If you are expecting to resit an exam in the November series, please be reminded that the deadline for resit requests is Thursday 17 October 2020 for all exams, with the exception of Maths and English.

The deadline for Maths and English is Friday 2 October 2020.

Any entries requested after these dates may incur late entry fees.

Please contact Exams on 01326 372379 ext. 1231 or exams@penryn-college.cornwall.sch.uk.

Helping your Child Prepare for Exams

Your child will be given lots of support in lessons in order to prepare for exams and to gain confidence with revising. There are, however, some useful downloads below to aid you in helping your child prepare for exams.