Parents’ Forum

The Parents’ Forum was established to provide a starting point for parents and carers to share in their child’s education.

Below, you will find an ‘Introduction to Parents’ Forum’, as written by a parent, detailing all you need to know. You will also find feedback from our latest Parents’ Forum meetings.

An introduction to Parents’ Forum, from a parent:

Penryn College is always working to improve the way the school is run. Parents/carers – staff need and always value your input. Perhaps you are a new parent/carer this year – how has the start of term been for you and your child? Do you have any recommendations on ways we could improve the experience? Or maybe you’ve been with us a while and have seen children move though different years and take exams. What feedback can you offer? Is there anything you’d like to suggest that could be done differently? Staff would like to know what works for you and what doesn’t work so well. That way, the school can make efforts to change and improve.  

We have a forum of parents and staff that meet half-termly, and we’d be keen to have as many parents/carers as possible join. We like to meet in person, but can include virtual meetings in our plans. If you can’t make the meetings, please e-mail any suggestions that you would like to be discussed; we will write minutes of the meetings so you can see the outcomes. Please e-mail to contribute to this month’s meeting, informing us if you can join, or if you are unable to attend. Please let us know your thoughts on this meeting’s theme so we can include it in our discussions.

Parents’ Forum Topics

September Parents’ Forum: Communication

December Parents’ Forum: Uniform

January Parents’ Forum: Reading and Wellbeing

March Parents’ Forum: Student Wellbeing

You will find feedback from our latest Parents’ Forum meetings, plus further resources, in the download box below.

If you have any questions about the Parents’ Forum please do not hesitate to e-mail