Advice and Support

The information on this page provides a wide range of advice for students and parents/carers, particularly during times of confusion, distress or anxiety. Please scroll down the page to access this information.

E-Safety Advice

At Penryn College, we recognise that the internet and new technologies provide opportunities for young people to enhance their learning in new and exciting ways. However, these opportunities should also be explored alongside a sound understanding of the risks that young people might face. You can access a range of information regarding E-Safety below, including our ‘E-Safety – Student Tips’ poster.

@Talk App and Booklet 

Our @Talk booklet features information and advice for students, plus links to useful websites. The @Talk app is installed on our pupils’ iPads and provides an easy way for students to message members of staff directly if they have a concern about their wellbeing, or any issues/concerns which they cannot resolve themselves.

Check out the @Talk booklet below.

Peer on Peer Abuse – Student Briefing

Our Peer on Peer Abuse Policy was discussed with pupils during their Lifeskills lessons, highlighting what peer on peer abuse is, how it can be prevented, how to respond to it, and more. This student briefing information has been published on our website for reference, and you can view it via the download box below.

Advice and Support for Victims of Domestic Abuse

The following information provides details on abuse and domestic violence, including what signs to look out for, preventing incidents, and more.

Please click here to access information on preventing abuse and signs of abuse.

Please click here to access information on domestic violence and signs of domestic violence.


The following information provides details on staying aware of the risks of radicalisation and reporting any concerns.

Please click here to access information which can assist in staying aware of the risks of radicalisation.

For information regarding reporting any concerns that a young person could be at risk of being radicalised, please see below.

Support Groups