The College uniform, chosen by the Governing Body in consultation with the students, is smart, comfortable, practical and easy to purchase locally. We want our students to look like young people in a working environment.

Please provide tailored trousers rather than those resembling leggings and help us encourage girls to wear skirts of a suitable length for the workplace.

A high standard of personal appearance is expected. Hairstyles must be appropriate for College, and jewellery should be discreet and can include one pair of stud-type earrings and one ring. All other facial jewellery is inappropriate and should not be worn to College.

Please support us in ensuring your son or daughter does not wear fashion extremes in school.

Please label ALL items of clothing. The loss of items causes students and parents/carers considerable upset.


Plain black school skirt of a suitable length

Trousers (not tight trousers or leggings)

Plain white polo shirt with College logo

Plain black sweatshirt with College logo

Black shoes (no trainers or skate shoes)


Plain black school trousers (not jeans or chinos)

Plain white polo shirt with College logo

Plain black sweatshirt with College logo

Black shoes (no trainers or skate shoes)

Shorts may be worn all year but must be black knee length of a formal/tailored type cut. 

Where to buy uniform

Uniform is available all year round at Castle Sports & Uniform in Falmouth, and can be ordered online, over the telephone, or in person in the shop. Please click here to access the Castle Sports & Uniform website.

If you wish to purchase PE kit and additional sports equipment, please click here to visit the Macron South West website. It is important to note that, despite our recent change of PE kit supplier, students can continue to wear Penryn College AGAME kit – there is no time limit on this.

Additional Rules


Any makeup should be discrete and modestly applied.


We ask that hair styles are reasonable. There should be no obvious hair dye, designs shaved into the hair, or completely shaved heads. 


Only one set of stud earrings and/or one bracelet may be worn. There should be no other body/facial piercings

School trousers should be formal, not a jean type, chino cut, or leggings. As a guide, there should be some space between the leg and the material from the knee down and this part of the garment should be able to hold a crease. They should be full length and rest on the shoe. They should not be turned up.

School skirts should be of a suitable length and be appropriate for the workplace (i.e. closer to the knee than the bottom).

Black belts may be worn for the purpose of keeping trousers up and should fit and be worn through the trouser belt loop.

Shorts may be worn all year but must be black knee length of a formal/tailored type cut.

Our Sportswear   

Macron Polis Shirt – Red shirt with black trim and embroidered badge.

Macron Mesa or Acrux Shorts – Black shorts with embroidered badge.

Macron Havel 1/4 Zip – Red top with embroidered badge.

Macron Hoops Socks – Red and black socks.

Macron Essential Leggings – Black leggings with printed badge.

Optional Kit Items (Clothing)

Macron Performance Sport Havel 1/4 Zip Top (Year 11 Only) – Red 1/4 zip top with embroidered badge and ‘Performance Sport’ printed on the back.

Macron Elbrus Rain Jacket – Red rain jacket with embroidered badge.

Macron Abydos Hero Pant – Black tracksuit bottoms with pockets on the side, zipped cuffs and embroidered badge.

PE Kit from Previous Supplier

Please note that this kit can still be worn by students – there is no time limit on this.                                                                   

AGAME Red Polo Shirt

AGAME Black Skirt

AGAME Red Socks

AGAME Red Rugby Shirt

AGAME Black Shorts

AGAME Black Shorts

AGAME Red Socks

Optional Kit Items

AGAME Black Leggings

AGAME Black Track Bottoms

AGAME Red Hoodie

AGAME Black/Red Shower Jacket

Black Under-Layer Top

PE Kit Information

All PE kit listed as ‘Macron’ above must be purchased on the supplier’s website. Optional kit items are acceptable to wear in PE lessons if preferred, other items of sportswear will not be suitable. School jumpers are not to be used in physical lessons.

What happens when things go wrong?

There may be times when your child may have to wear something that is not school uniform. Please send a note to your child’s tutor explaining why this is the case and when your son/daughter will be wearing the correct uniform, which should be the next day, unless there are exceptional circumstances. A uniform slip will then be issued.

If your child’s skirt is too short, trousers are too tight, or shoes are not correct, and you have not told us there are very good reasons for this, we have clean, spare uniform which we will issue; refusal to wear this uniform will result in disciplinary action being taken. Students wearing the wrong shoes will be issued with plimsolls, as is the case in many other schools. In order to be hygienic, at the end of each day, the plimsolls will need to be sprayed so germs are not spread.

Many thanks in advance for your support getting this important issue right.