At Penryn College, we want students to feel proud of belonging to the College and wear their uniform smartly. The College uniform, chosen by the Governing Body in consultation with our students, is smart, comfortable, practical and easy to purchase locally. We want our students to look like young people in a working environment. We want to be fair and consistent and by wearing the correct uniform it will allow us to be just that.

We also believe that uniform has other benefits such as:

High expectations – We have high expectations of our pupils which we want them to step up to and meet. This is so they are the best versions of themselves and succeed beyond their potential. Part of our high expectations is that students look the best they can and wear the correct uniform.
Creating community cohesion – We are all in this together and we want to ensure equality, fairness and togetherness for everyone. We want students to have a real sense of belonging to the school community by wearing the correct uniform.
Reduce unkindness and distractions – We want all students, no matter their socio-economic background, to feel safe and happy at school. Reducing differences in the clothes and shoes students wear helps to ensure no student feels disadvantaged. Clothing can also be another distraction in an already busy world. Uniform encourages a focus on their education rather than status and obsession with having the latest designer styles.
Safety – If students are identifiable in a unique uniform, we can keep pupils safe and can easily recognise those on school grounds are part of our community and those who are not. As a community school, we occasionally have other students on site for events, such as sporting fixtures, and we can quickly and easily see who belongs to Penryn College. On school trips, pupils are easy to identify and keep safe.
Preparation for life beyond school – Many jobs require uniform or special clothing, and it will be expected that they would wear what is asked of them correctly. Dressing professionally is something that students need to prepare for moving forward.
Improvement in learning – Research shows that having a uniform and wearing this correctly, as per the school policy, can improve the development of the school ethos and improve behaviour and discipline. This will contribute to the progress of pupils.

Some Key Points

– Please provide tailored trousers rather than those resembling leggings and help us encourage girls to wear skirts of a suitable length for the workplace.

– A high standard of personal appearance is expected. Hairstyles must be appropriate for College, and jewellery should be discreet. All other facial jewellery is inappropriate and should not be worn to College.

– Please support us in ensuring your son or daughter does not wear fashion extremes in school.

– Please label ALL items of clothing. The loss of items causes students and parents/carers considerable upset.

Important Uniform Information in Pictures

Below, you will find pictures and information which detail good examples of uniform, unacceptable uniform and school shoes.


Additional School Shoes Information

Although our school shoes policy has not changed, we would like to highlight a good alternative to some of the more expensive school shoes available.

As pictured above, these plain, black and unbranded shoes are acceptable and are very reasonably priced. Please note that we still do not allow branded shoes or trainers of any kind.

We believe it’s worth sharing with you this style of shoe as a cheaper alternative and another example of the choices out there. They are available from many shops and online. 

Uniform: The Details


What happens when things go wrong?

We understand that sometimes things happen and there might be an issue with your child’s school uniform. We want to work with you to help students be in the correct uniform.

If there is an issue, a note from home explaining the situation is needed. We will then lend the student some school uniform from our supply for them to wear for the day.

We will ensure we have enough supplies of clean uniform and shoes to help students out if there are issues. If a student refuses to wear this uniform, that will result in disciplinary action being taken. Students wearing the wrong shoes will be issued with plimsolls, as is the case in many other schools. In order to be hygienic, at the end of each day, the plimsolls will be sprayed so germs are not spread.

Many thanks in advance for your support getting this important issue right.

Uniform Flowchart

The flowchart below details the process if a student attends school in incorrect uniform or is wearing something inappropriate. 

Where to buy uniform

Uniform is available all year round at Castle Sports & Uniform in Falmouth, and can be ordered online, over the telephone, or in person in the shop. Please click here to access the Castle Sports & Uniform website.

If you wish to purchase PE kit and additional sports equipment, please click here to visit the Macron South West website. It is important to note that, despite our recent change of PE kit supplier, students can continue to wear Penryn College AGAME kit – there is no time limit on this.

Our Sportswear   

Macron Polis Shirt – Red shirt with black trim and embroidered badge.

Macron Mesa or Acrux Shorts – Black shorts with embroidered badge.

Macron Havel 1/4 Zip – Red top with embroidered badge.

Macron Hoops Socks – Red and black socks.

Macron Essential Leggings – Black leggings with printed badge.

Optional Kit Items (Clothing)

Macron Performance Sport Havel 1/4 Zip Top (Year 11 Only) – Red 1/4 zip top with embroidered badge and ‘Performance Sport’ printed on the back.

Macron Elbrus Rain Jacket – Red rain jacket with embroidered badge.

Macron Abydos Hero Pant – Black tracksuit bottoms with pockets on the side, zipped cuffs and embroidered badge.

PE Kit from Previous Supplier

Please note that this kit can still be worn by students – there is no time limit on this.

AGAME Red Polo Shirt

AGAME Black Skirt

AGAME Red Socks

AGAME Red Rugby Shirt

AGAME Black Shorts

AGAME Black Shorts

AGAME Red Socks

Optional Kit Items

AGAME Black Leggings

AGAME Black Track Bottoms

AGAME Red Hoodie

AGAME Black/Red Shower Jacket

Black Under-Layer Top

PE Kit Information

All PE kit listed as ‘Macron’ above must be purchased on the supplier’s website. Optional kit items are acceptable to wear in PE lessons if preferred, other items of sportswear will not be suitable. School jumpers are not to be used in physical lessons.