Penryn 800 – Art Project

14 June 2016

Last week art leaders from Penryn College took part in a very special art project that is to play a major role in the Penryn 800 celebrations. This year the town of Penryn is turning 800 years old, with an exciting selection of events, to showcase the town, its history and its people.

The pupils of Penryn College were asked to produce a selection of iconic images of the town, for a large scale projection community project. The project is organised by Luxmuralis, a collaborative team of artists who take art, light and sound onto the streets and provide access to visual artwork in public and unexpected places.

Art Project 1

To start the day, the pupils were asked to research and develop ideas for the project, and they began by initially drawing up their ideas. In the afternoon, they photographed symbols from around the College using their iPads, then edited these images on Photoshop to make them suitable for projection. To end the day, they put their work together and showed their results on the walls of the canteen, even the Mayor attended to see their work!

Art Project 2

The light show event is a way for Penryn College to work together with others from the community to make a piece of social history for the future. The College is extremely excited to be involved in such an amazing collaboration project to celebrate Penryn 800.

The projections will be shown on Penryn Town Hall, on October 1st 2016 from 8-10pm. The event is free to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!