Penryn College Book Club Update

11 December 2023

Members of the Penryn College Book Club have finished reading The Last Storyteller!

Two members have written reviews (please see below), to help you decide whether this book is for you!

“A clever blend of sci-fi, fantasy and coming-of-age. It is the tale of a young girl who is thrust into a scenario unfamiliar to her and uses her Mexican heritage, mythology and family, to help her navigate this future. It is set in a spaceship 500 years after the destruction of earth, and she must work with her new friends to ensure they create a new, safe home for what is left of humanity. I would definitely recommend for a simple, easy read that’s still very interesting with a satisfying plot twist.”

“It’s a good mix between Mexican folklore and sci-fi, and creates a good dystopian adventure.”

Next Book

Our next book is The Song That Sings Us. Look out for reviews and more updates. If you are interested in being a part of the group, please join the Showbie group with the code 2D9NK!