Penryn College Pupils Selected to Attend 24th World Scout Jamboree

23 January 2019

Penryn College students Sam Lawrence and Daniel Bowen have been selected from a group of over 70 individuals to attend the 24th World Scout Jamboree, based in West Virginia, USA, this summer. 

Sam and Daniel are among a select group of Cornwall and Jersey-based Scouts attending the prestigious event, following their outstanding performances at a recent Scout selection camp, and will travel across the USA and Canada, integrating with over 160 Scout organisations from around the world, from 22 July – 2 August, 2019.

Since its inception (just under 100 years ago), the World Scout Jamboree has taken place every four years, and involves a host of exciting, engaging activities – designed to develop attending Scouts’ leadership and life skills, while helping participants gain a greater understanding of promoting peace within modern society.

Having been made aware of all of the splendours of the trip prior to the selection process – during which participants were judged on both their practical and problem-solving skills – competition for places was of a high calibre, and both Sam and Dan revealed how they felt after learning of their selection for the Jamboree.

“I was speechless when I found out that I had been selected to attend the trip,” said Dan.

“I really didn’t think I was going to be picked, and when my mum told me I just couldn’t believe it, as I’ve always wanted to go to the USA – so it really is a dream come true for me.” 

And Sam revealed how the timing of the news led him to believe that he wouldn’t be selected: “I was expecting to find out in the morning, so when I didn’t hear anything I’d already prepared myself for some bad news.

“Later that day I received a text from my mum, telling me that I’d been selected to attend the Jamboree – so it was a huge surprise for me,” Sam continued. 

This year’s Jamboree theme ‘Unlock a New World’ will centre around new adventures and cultures discovered by Scouts in the USA and Canada, as well as making new friendships and enjoying a selection of live music concerts featuring a number of famous artists. 

A host of the activities will take place at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia – the base of the 24th World Scout Jamboree – featuring over 70,000 acres of national parkland and 14,000 acres of woodland mountains, among the beauty of the New River Gorge. 

And the experiences to be gained from the trip are ones that Sam and Dan admitted they are eager to be a part of. 

“I can’t wait to meet new friends and experience all of the cultures in different countries,” said Dan. 

“I particularly enjoy archery and climbing, and being able to participate in those activities in two different countries will be amazing – especially with all of the facilities available,” he continued. 

Meanwhile, Sam revealed his excitement regarding another aspect of the trip: “As part of the Jamboree we get to visit New York City and Washington DC, and I’ve never had a big-city experience before so I really can’t wait. 

“I’ve also been to Switzerland with the Scouts, and I’ve competed in the Ten Tors – so I’m really excited about learning more skills in completely new surroundings,” Sam concluded. 

All of the staff here at Penryn College wish Sam and Dan the very best of luck during their trip. 

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