Penryn College Ten Tors Team Completes 35-Mile Challenge

17 May 2019

Following months of vigorous training in adverse weather conditions, six Penryn College pupils have completed the 35-mile Ten Tors Challenge 2019 in Dartmoor.

Year 10 students Rosie Rowe, Oliver Heffernan, Jamie Crisp, Jack Chance, Chris Jolly, and Archie Thomas battled the harsh terrain of the Devon moor over two days (Saturday 11 May and Sunday 12 May), among more than 400 teams competing in the British Army-organised event.

Loaded with their self-sufficient equipment: food, water, tents, sleeping bags, and much more – competitors set off amid clear blue skies and the bellowing sound of firing cannons and circulating helicopters, making for a spectacular, show-stopping start to the hike.

Participants were treated to clear blue skies over the two days – in stark contrast to the harsh winds and relentless rain Penryn College’s pupils had contended with during training in the run-up to the main event.

Indeed, the impact of that change in weather was evident, as all six of Penryn College’s team members were ahead of the Route Card time on day one, and reached their target destination of Standon Farm – which was their seventh Tor – by the end of the day, before another early-morning start on Sunday saw the team bravely navigate the final miles of the hike, crossing the finish line at 11.46am.

Reflecting on her team’s performance, Penryn College Ten Tors Leader, Miss Edgell, said: “The pupils demonstrated fantastic teamwork and resilience throughout the whole Ten Tors process. They battled against extremely testing conditions during training, and competed fantastically well during the main event. 

“Additionally, the students have had great support from their families, which has helped their performances. I am very proud of their efforts.”

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