Police Visit School to Highlight Risks of Drugs and Alcohol

08 February 2019

PC Jay Dorman, Youth Intervention Officer for Mid Cornwall, visited Penryn College earlier this week, informing pupils of the negative effects that drugs and alcohol can have on everyday life.

PC Dorman highlighted the detrimental impact that drugs and alcohol can have on one’s health, career prospects, and general life – and informed students of the abundance of support available both in and out of the school. 

Speaking following the assemblies, PC Dorman offered a host of advice for parents and guardians, including that of preventing use of drugs and alcohol. He said: “With the increasing pressures in life, parenting is tough, and we can sometimes take our eye off the ball when it comes to keeping our children safe.

“There are some concerns regarding teenagers obtaining alcohol, and even cases of parents providing alcohol to their children – we are not talking about a few cans of low-alcohol lager, we are talking spirits.

“From a police perspective, it’s tough when we are called out to a teenager in distress and under the influence of alcohol. Often they are on the floor in the cold, being sick, and in a distressed state. Then there’s the other side: teenagers who have been physically and sexually assaulted while under the influence of alcohol.”

And PC Dorman went on to reveal the key procedures for parents and guardians to follow in keeping children safe from drug and alcohol abuse.

“Talk to your children about alcohol; know where they are going and who they are with; don’t give them alcohol,” said PC Dorman.

“With many years of great parenting invested so far, let’s not let this slip! Keep your children safe from exposure to drugs and alcohol while they are still young,” he concluded.

Penryn College would like to thank PC Dorman for visiting the school and offering his valuable advice and knowledge to pupils and staff.