Ready, Set, Go! Rocket Car Races Take Place at Penryn College!

22 March 2019

Students and teachers filled the school’s TISA (Tented Indoor Sports Arena) this week as they witnessed Penryn College’s very own high-speed car race.

Since Christmas, Year 7 students have been designing and building their Rocket Racers during tutor time. Each tutor group made cars from a polystyrene block, shaping it into an aerodynamic and lightweight structure, before wheels and axles were assembled.

In-school races took place this week, with each car being launched down the track and reaching speeds of around 60mph! Each of the cars’ speeds will be assessed in the coming days – and the three fastest teams will progress to the Regional Finals, during which they will need to reproduce their cars with no adult assistance.

This fantastic project was made possible thanks to the support and sponsorship from Kernow Controls, and the College’s long-term STEAM partners Watson Marlow.

Well done to all competitors for their fantastic efforts!